About my new site.......

Welcome to my new site. I'm getting into the whole blogging and self loathing realm rather late. I never really cared much for the hundreds of individual blogs out there, the same blogs that usually just repeat what they heard on another more prominent news source only in their own less intelligent wording.
However after spending roughly 20.3% of my free time posting my views in various sports and political forums I figure why not take it to the next level.

Most of my sports analysis centers on Pittsburgh sports (Penguins, Steelers, Pirates etc.) Why? I was born a Pittsburgh fan and those are the teams I follow. Sorry but you won't  see much else unless something intrigues me.

Politics are simple for me. I'm a conservative who believes in smaller government, strong National Defense, a balanced budget, following the Constitution and I'd like to see the Republican party get back to the Ronald Reagan roots.
The whole liberal mantra and ideology vexes me.

A variety of other subjects are sure to appear, depending upon what I find worthy enough to discuss that day.
Lastly why is Evgeni Malkin and the Constitution plastered on my home page? First I honestly just needed to make it look colorful but more importantly Evgeni (Geno) Malkin is the best hockey player in the world currently and the Constituion is not made to be changed by any party. Those two points are not open to discussion.....See where this website is going? Good